Defining Digital Marketing Trends of 2017

Digital Marketing trends are what’s in and what’s out for the business world. Like fashion trends, it’s continuously changing to discover new, innovative ways to reach its target audience. Whether that be through new social media platforms, new data tracking and algorithm methods or exciting content marketing, new trends are the way up.


Digital Advertising over Television Advertising

One Source recently revealed that digital advertising exceeded television advertising spending in the first quarter of 2017. The continued decrease in this signals the changeover from the television dominating market to the digital dominated market. Recent research shows that people are becoming more interested in the new form of marketing due to the increased searches in Google for Digital advertising and the decrease in television advertising since 2004.

Organic vs Paid searches

This trend may not be the newest in digital marketing but it is certainly the most followed. Content marketing has become the priority of digital marketing strategies as it gets the highest results when executed well. With the rise in Ad blocks consumers are able to avoid seeing ad’s that are of no interest to them making it difficult for advertisers. Whilst paid searches is declining in various areas it is still the main choice for marketers through social media platforms and implement into their marketing strategy.


Visual Social Media

2016 allowed marketers to realise the future of their campaigns lies with their visual content. With Instagram and Snapchat rising up in the ranks as the favourable social network, marketing is becoming reliant on these apps. This 2016 trend followed into 2017 with more features such as memories on Snapchat and Instagram stories. It allowed marketers to get creative with their audience and offer a form of individual connection. If this trend continuous to surge it opens up new roles in video-based content for creation and production.



Blending your skill set

Another trend that shows no signs of stopping is the expectation for Digital Marketing candidates to come equipped with creative and technical skills. With IT budgets being moved to other departments, companies require their marketers to adapt additional talents to bridge the gaps. Becoming tech savvy in the creative industries will help achieve successful marketing strategies developed for the new technologies.


Mobile SEO on the rise

Mobile connections are becoming frequently accessible to the public with more connections than people. Meaning mobile marketing rapidly growing as the main media consumption in digital marketing. After the initial search interest in Google for “mobile friendly SEO” it quickly declined only to come back into the lime light early 2016 with a steady increase. It may not be a new trend with rapid results but it’s also one that should not be ignored.


Looking Forward

Whilst these trends dominated 2017 they are rapidly heading into 2018 to rule the industry. With most companies looking to hire versatile digital marketers it may be time to brush up on some tech-based skills with specialisms in visual content creation and production to give you that edge.