How Can Tech Enhance Business Performance?

It has long been argued that tech can enhance business performance. But to what extent exactly can it do this? and if so what are the overall effects in the long term as well as the costs of doing so?

Tech Development And Innovation

Tech development and innovation is somewhat of an ongoing process which continues day in day out across the world. One of the leaders in tech innovation who has traditionally been associated with new and up and coming technology is Japan. Japan is one of the most technologically advanced countries and is unique from other nations in the sense that it is seen as having a strong engineering and technological heritage.

Over the years Japan has introduced some major tech into the western world such as the bullet train as well as heat pumps and other innovative tech. This has helped to transform transport infrastructure as well as bring other nations up to speed with the latest technological developments.

With relation to business performance it is important to understand how business performance can correlate to advances in new technology overall.

Real World Examples

In order to fully appreciate the relationship with technology and business performance/innovation it is important to look at some real world examples. One of the most well know examples is the implementation of self checkouts within supermarkets. For many years supermarkets have been thriving hubs and hives of activity full of people coming and going.

As communities continued to grow over the years supermarkets were having more people visit them and longer queues overall. In response to this increase in demand store’s began trialling self checkouts. These are essentially self service points where shoppers can scan their items and do their shopping themselves without the help of a staff member. Although staff members are normally stationed next a row of these tills to ensure that there are no issues.

Shoppers were initially sceptical of this development. However as time went on the technology was adopted and ti quickly became a hit. To this day it saves shoppers and supermarkets a lot of time overall as well as cutting down queues.

Search Engine Optimisation/Digital Marketing

Thanks to the rapid growth of the internet and digital services increasingly businesses are improving their online presence in order to become more successful overall. Two of the best ways in which online performance and visibility can be improved is through the use of search engine optimisation (SEO) This process normally involves building articles and links across the web and normally the assistance of someone proficient in SEO or alternatively an SEO or digital marketing agency.

The effect that SEO and digital marketing can have on a business overall is signifcant. A business can go from getting very few visits and searches to a much higher number each month thanks to getting listed at the top of the search results.

This can only happen when SEO has been optimised to its maximum potential for the business in question. Overall to conclude it is clear that technology has a significant overall effect on business performance as a whole.