A Guide To Using A Labour Agency For A High Profile Event

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Using A Labour agency for a high profile event is an important step that needs to be taken to ensure that the event is run effectively and that it is a successful overall. When looking to employ a labour agencies services there are several different types of factors that should be taken into consideration. In this article we will look at what a labour agency does , how they operate and what factors to look out for when sourcing one.

What Is A Labour Agency

A labour agency is an employment contractor that typically supplies labour to large firms or organisations for events The types of staff available from agencies can vary from security to catering to general assistants and production crew / ground crew for concerts.

Employment agencies can vary in size and structure as well. Normally at large events there may be a mixture of smaller labour agency staff as well as large numbers from a larger labour agency overall.

labour agency

What Makes An Effective Labour Agency?

When it comes to what makes an effective labour agency there are a range of different factors. One of the biggest contributing factors to the overall effectiveness of a employment agency is how well the staff are trained.

The gig industry is known for some staff sometimes having questionable training in certain positions e.g security and catering as the labour agency may not always be prepared to spend money training their staff. Generally speaking however most labour agencies take care to ensure that their staff are trained to a high standard and are confident in fulfilling their role.

Another key factor to consider when looking to source an agency for an event is reputation and reliability. These two key factors are intertwined and this information can be gathered from previous clients of the agencies or simply by searching the organisation online and reading the reviews of the company overall .

Doing this prior to enlisting the help of an agency is very important in order to ensure that your event is run effectively. Typically effective agencies that supply labour have made a name for themselves within their sector and as a result are well known throughout that particular sector e,g security , concerts etc.

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What Issues Might A Labour Agency Encounter at an event?

at an event there are a variety of different types of issues that could be encountered overall. One of the biggest potential issues is under staffing. Under staffing occurs when there are unexpected absences as well as lack of planning for the event. A good way in which this can be avoided is close communication between the labour agency and the event organisers to ensure there is sufficient staff in place for the event as well emergency back up cover.

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Overall to conclude it is clear that close cooperation is needed between labour agencies as well as event organisers to ensure that events are run effectively and to a high standard. Errors can occur if there is not close communication and cooperation overall