All You Need To Know About The Pallet Jack

pallet jack

The pallet jack is a piece of equipment which has been around for almost a century and over time has proved to be one of the most versatile and robust pieces of equipment on the market. So what makes the pallet jack so unique? In this article we will go through its different benefits as well as comparing it to other similar equipment.

Pallet Jack Uses And Benefits

The Pallet Jack has a variety of different uses which is another contributing factor to why it is used by so many. Of course the main function of the pallet lifter is to move pallets, normally within warehouse environments. Another use for the pallet lifter is to move crates and other heavy items.

One of the main benefits of the pallet lifter is that it can be used to lift significant weights up to 1 tonne. This benefits whoever is using the pallet jack as this greatly cuts the amount of labour required as well as time spent moving items.

  • The Pallet Lifter only requires one person to operate and virtually no training as it is very simple to use and is a reliable piece of equipment
  • As well as being easy to use the pallet lifter is very affordable which allows it to be used by firms on a budget without breaking the bank
  • Due to the size of the pallet lifter it can navigate most narrow spaces with ease which means it suits warehouse and logistical environments very well as well as depots and other confined or busy spaces
pallet jack

Alternatives To The Pallet Jack

As well as the pallet lifter there are of course a variety of alternative pieces of equipment on the market that can undertake a similar role. One newer form of the pallet jack which is becoming increasingly popular is electric autonomous pallet lifters. These pallet lifters can lift significantly more than a regular pallet lifter and do not require to an operator to control it.

This form of equipment is autonomous which means that it can operate for long periods of time without any input and perform multiple tasks. One of the main benefits of this technology is that it can lift up to three tonnes in weight. Furthermore , it is much more efficient overall as it can work for significantly longer periods than a operator with a manual pallet lifter.

pallet jack

Another form of equipment which could serve as an alternative to the pallet lifter is the forklift truck. The forklift truck is one of the most well known forms of equipment on the market and is renowned for its capabilities. Part of the appeal of the forklift truck is the fact that it can move heavy crates quickly and is significantly faster than most if not all of its alternatives. Compared with the pallet lifter the forklift costs significantly more and also requires someone to undergo a training course before they are authorised to operate it.

pallet jack


Overall there are a number of different conclusions that can be drawn from the use of the pallet jack. What is clear is that is a highly capable and robust asset which can be used in a variety of environments with very few issues. Its low cost and ease of use means that it is a great tool for any logistics environment.

Preparing Yourself For The World Of Work

A Common misconception about the world of work is that everyone sits down, drinks coffee and works 9-5. While this is true for a large part of the private sector there are huge swathes of workers across the UK who work irregular hours and normally work outwith an office environment. Regardless of whether you like tea or coffee or working night or day , it is absolutely crucial that you have an idea of what you would like to do day to day before you plunge into the world of work.

Planning Ahead

A good way of sorting out your future career is speaking to anyone you know who’s role you think you may enjoy. This is an excellent way to gain information about a role as you can gather information or tips from people to help you make an informed decision. Another good way in which you can plan ahead for your future career is to continue your studies.

Continuing your studies at university or college is a good way to gain experience for your future role and also to ease yourself into the world of work. Furthermore , employers often favour those with further education achievements. One of the benefits of university and college is when you leave you can receive support from their careers office in order to find work.

A further way in which you can plan ahead for a future career is by getting a part time role. Getting a part time role can give you an insight into what the world of work is like as well as giving you valuable experience which you can put onto your CV.

Building Your CV

Building your CV is another important part of your career journey and is very significant as it what represents you for the majority of jobs that you apply for. CV’s are something that are often classed as generic and boring which is why it is even more important for your CV to stand out. In order for it to get noticed there are a number of different things you can do to make it more noticeable. One of the best things that you can do is bullet point your best skills , attributes and achievements at the top of the CV.

Another way in which you can improve your CV is by spreading out the information on it and ensuring that the structure is not jumbled. One of the biggest mistakes people make when writing a CV is leaving it jumbled or with information too condensed and closely packed.

Skills And Experience

When it comes to skills and experience there is a lot you can to overall enhance your chances of landing your dream role. One of the best things that you can do is voluntary work outside of work. Volunteering work is almost always a good thing to have as work experience and shows that you are motivated to help others. Its these kinds of skills that employers value within the workplace. Overall to conclude a combination of skills and experience is needed to land a good role but these can all be achieved over time with hard work and research.

The Best Office Jobs For Students

So you are looking for office jobs, there are many benefits of taking on a 9/5 full-time position. Chances are you will learn things that you could never imagine doing and it will look great on your CV if you apply for a new position after university. Many students take on office jobs during the summer and some employers will even encourage flexible and part time working during term time.

If you are unsure what type of jobs to look for, we have listed some of the best jobs for students below.


This is a very vague description, however, general admin office jobs come in many different guises. You may be asked to cover the role of secretaries, receptionists, personal assistants and mail office staff when you are working as an administrative assistant. Day to day tasks may include: photocopying, filling printers with paper, sorting petty cash, filing document, taking phonecalls, taking notes and even making you manager and visitors cups of tea! Every day is different and you will get to meet lots of new contacts for your LinkedIn profile.

Four People Touching Hands

Data Entry 

This is a fairly easy job once you get the hang of it. If you can use computers and have good attention to detail, then you are perfect for this position. Some employers even allow data entry workers to enter data  from home on your laptop.

This role is exactly what it says on the tin you enter data into your company’s system. This may be on a CRM, through excel or in a database. You may be asked to enter information about employees,  sales figures, names, addresses and contact details for example.

Credit Control 

If you are looking for a job that will challenge you, then you may prefer a position with credit control. As you will know cash flow controls any business. Therefore it is important that a business has someone who can look over and manage their finances. These days credit controls are helped by technology. However, if a customer doesn’t pay on time then they will need to chase for the debt. Either by telephone, email or letter.

The pay is often better than other administrative jobs and in most organisations. There may be opportunities to progress towards qualifications and growth within the company.

Man In Suit Jacket Standing Beside Projector Screen


The payroll department is responsible for making sure that employees are paid, either on a weekly, bi-weekly or monthly basis and for making deductions such as National Insurance or Income Tax. This is a fairly important department in any business if payroll did not exist, then no employees would be paid. You will find that the majority of companies, especially bigger organisations, offer some entry level jobs within their payroll functions. This is a great opportunity for students who are studying accountancy, HR and business. You could also learn a lot as the chances are that you will be working alongside people who have many years experience of payroll and working in that business.

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