Tips on What to Include in Your Business Blog Post

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The world of blogging is in its height of popularity of that there is no doubt. You can’t go 5 minutes without seeing a blog of some kind online. It has come a long way and is now an important tool in marketing for the majority of businesses. Whether it’s blogging about a product, service, client or anything under the sun, blogging is the place to be it would seem. That’s not why we’re here, though. We’re not here either to tell you what to write either. What we are here to do it let you in on a few trade secrets into what makes a blog great. A high percentage of blogs out there have an agenda which is fine, but writing a relatable, informative, well-developed blog is something not most don’t take into consideration. Have a look at a few helpful tips on how to make your latest blog post stand out from the crowd.


Be as Transparent as Possible

There is nothing worse than reading a post that you know is trying to sell you something but tries to do it without anyone noticing. Rarely is the objective achieved and most of the time it leaves the user feeling as though they have wasted their time. Being as open, honest and truthful as possible is one of the keys to getting the right kind of eyes on your content. If you are using the post to sell something. Be clear about it and convince the customer why they should part from their hard earned cash. Stay away from sensationalist claims or false information, most will see right through it and not give your post the time of day.

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Simplicity is the Key

No one wants to click on a 2000-word article that they need to spend half an hour reading. Nor do they want to read three page long paragraphs about the latest goings on. Keep it simple and appealing and make the whole thing easier on the reader. Use lists, use ‘How To’, use a ‘Top 10’ guide. Make it an easily digestible piece that the user actually wants to spend a few minutes reading and learning from. Think about the posts you resonate with and the ones that bore you to tears. Keep it simple and you won’t go far wrong.


Engage the User

The whole point of a blog article is to be entertaining and informative. Content is king as the saying goes. Make sure your content is written with the user in mind first and foremost. Throw a joke in their or an antidote that will catch and keep the attention of the reader. Blogging should be an enjoyable experience no matter the subject. Make sure you keep that at the forefront of your thoughts the next time you sit down to write yours. So, take the tips and apply them to your next post and set the world of blogging alight. Being a great blogger isn’t easy but with our useful tips, you’re hopefully one step closer.

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