Orthodontists in Glasgow: Solutions for your Smile

Affordable Private Orthodontists in Glasgow that suit your situation

The pressure to look perfect is a constant worry for most people today. One thing that many adults in Glasgow feel unhappy with is their smile. Braces are common for children these days as they are free on the NHS. However for those who missed out as children the price is high. Private orthodontists in Glasgow can charge up to £2500! This cost is not viable for the average working man and woman. Plus there is the prominent issue of having to actually wear the braces. It is bad enough being known as metal mouth in high school. What could be worse than having to do a big presentation at work and everyone is staring at your braces? Fortunately The Berkeley Clinic is made up of a team of orthodontists in Glasgow who offer a range of different teeth straightening treatments that are affordable and versatile to suit your situation.

Glasgow Orthodontics for all your dental issues

This professional dental clinic is located on Newton Lane of Glasgow’s west end. The Berkeley Clinic provides top quality Glasgow orthodontics to help you improve your smile. They can correct many faults such as crowding or crooked teeth. This superb Orthodontist in Glasgow can also close the gaps between your teeth and straighten teeth that are squint. The highly popular orthodontists in Glasgow can also correct overbites and under bites. As well as offering other dental procedures including teeth whitening and root canal treatment. If you are suffering from several ailments on top of poor alignment of your teeth then the Berkeley Clinic can cater to all your needs for Glasgow orthodontics.

Orthodontists for Glasgow Adults

Although braces are more common in children, adults can still benefit from the procedure. As aforementioned the costs of such treatments is a huge deterrent for pursuing the method. The Berkeley Clinic is a team of professional orthodontists in Glasgow offering top of the line solutions from as little as £990. There is also an option for payment planning! Therefore this Glasgow orthodontics option is supreme. There are different options available which cater to your needs and circumstances. These orthodontists from Glasgow will give you a free consultation first of all to establish what treatment is right for you. Everyone is different. You can choose from metal or ceramic braces. Alternatively if you are too self-conscious to have “train-tracks” on your teeth there is an option for invisible braces too! These orthodontists from Glasgow offer Invisalign, an innovative way of teeth straightening.

Glasgow Orthodontics: Invisalign

If you would prefer a less invasive and more discrete way of correcting your teeth you can choose Invisalign clear braces. The Berkeley Clinic are orthodontists in Glasgow that supply this service of 4D aligners. These are removable so you can carry on with regular things such as eating or brushing your teeth without your braces getting in the way. This type of Glasgow orthodontics focuses on one small move at a time. It is recommended that you wear your invisible brace for a certain amount of time during the day. The Berkeley Clinic have the orthodontists in Glasgow that solve all your problems with braces.